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Bali Blogger Community

Bali Blogger Community


Rabu, 09 April 2008

Capricornus (The Goat-Fish)

Abbreviation: Cap

Genitive: Capricorni
Right Ascension: 21.02 hours
Declination: -20.23 degrees

Capricornus, the Goat-Fish, is visible in early autumn from the northern hemisphere. It reaches its highest point on September 1.

Capriconus (the Goat-Fish) is one of the most mysterious and ancient of all the constellations. It was known in Pre-Babylonian times as the god Ea. Ea was of vast intellect, the lord of the sacred eye. Ea has appeared on earth four times to educate man in the art of civilization and each time he appeared in human form he wore a cloak with the tails of a fish. Ea saved mankind from a great flood, the same one descibed in the Bible as the flood of Noah. After educating man, Capricornus returns to the waters as darkness falls.


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